Ibero-America is a region in the Americas comprising countries or territories where Spanish or Portuguese is the predominant language, usually former territories of Spain or Portugal.

INDIE PASION is an Ibero-American Independent Film Festival held in Miami, Florida that provides a forum for the promotion and exhibition of Ibero-American films. This is our 2nd annual festival where we encourage dialogue among cultures, and celebrate the art of Ibero-American filmmakers. INDIE PASION also provides Miami audiences the opportunity to watch inspiring films and to interact with guest filmmakers from South Florida and across Ibero-America. The 2nd annual festival is scheduled for October 6-8 2017.

INDIE PASION Ibero-American Independent Film Festival seeks to accomplish several important goals. Of utmost priority is the work of screening and evaluating the best Ibero-American, Urban, and International Feature films, Short films, Documentaries, Narratives and Animation. Secondly, to introduce films that more accurately portray the culture of the Ibero-American community. We will have special guests participating in panel discussions, Q and A’s, etc., but more importantly, they will be there to share ideas, insight and experience.

Proceeds from Indie Pasion ticket sales benefit Manos Del Sur

Founded in Miami in 1999, Manos del Sur is a nonprofit organization that has helped thousands of children in Latin America through its programs in education, health and nutrition. Currently, it has programs in 7 countries: Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Guatemala, Peru, Nicaragua and Mexico. It finances its programs with its Sponsor a Child program, fundraising events, private and corporate donations. Manos del Sur is an all-volunteer organization and keeps its expenses under 10% of funds raised. For more information:


Fundacion Las Golondrinas is a nonprofit organization based in Medellin, Colombia. Founded in 1985, it works with the most vulnerable population, mostly displaced by violence. Its mission is to improve the quality of life, promote education, social development and promote the economic strengthening of families. For more information: