Ibero-America is a region in the Americas comprising countries or territories where Spanish or Portuguese is the predominant language, usually former territories of Spain or Portugal.

INDIE PASION is an Ibero-American Independent Film Festival held in Miami, Florida that provides a forum for the promotion and exhibition of Ibero-American films. This is our 3rd annual festival where we encourage dialogue among cultures, and celebrate the art of Ibero-American filmmakers. INDIE PASION also provides Miami audiences the opportunity to watch inspiring films and to interact with guest filmmakers from South Florida and across Ibero-America. The 3rd annual festival is scheduled february 7-10 2019.

INDIE PASION Ibero-American Independent Film Festival seeks to accomplish several important goals. Of utmost priority is the work of screening and evaluating the best Ibero-American, Urban, and International Feature films, Short films, Documentaries, Narratives and Animation. Secondly, to introduce films that more accurately portray the culture of the Ibero-American community. We will have special guests participating in panel discussions, Q and A’s, etc., but more importantly, they will be there to share ideas, insight and experience.