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Indie Pasión, the top-rated Ibero-American indie film festival, is dedicated to showcasing and enticing dialogue on Ibero-American culture. The festival celebrates the art of these influential filmmakers by showcasing top directors and artists from across Latin America, Portugal and Spain.

The festival will give the audience a unique opportunity to view films starring: Colombian actress Paola Rey, Spanish actresses Paz Vega and Estefanía de los Santos, Brazilian actor Rodrigo Santoro, Telenovela icon Rafael Rojas, Mexican star Christian Carabias, and Miguel Bernardeu, known for his performance in the popular Netflix original series Elite. Special attendance during the festival includes Paz Vega, Estefania de los Santos, Christian Carabias, Agustina Macri, and Paola Rey.

The opening film of the festival, Un Traductor, will transport the audience to late 1980’s Havana. The film tells the remarkable true story of a professor who acted as a translator when children affected by the Chernobyl disaster arrived in Cuba for medical treatment. The movie is based on the true story of the film directors Rodrigo and Sebastian Barriuso’s father, both brothers will be present at the premiere of the film during the festival. Un Traductor originally premiered at the 2018 Sundance Film Festival.

The festival will also feature 20 films (17 movies and three documentaries), including ¡Ay, Mi Madre!, the comedic gem directed by Frank Ariza starring Paz Vega and Estefanía de los Santos. The film will be premiering for the first time in the United States during Indie Pasión 2019 on Saturday, April 6.

Miguel Bernardeau plays a part in Inhibidos, directed by Irene Arzuaga. The heart-pounding thriller centers around a group of young schoolmates who decide to spend a weekend in a rural house after not seeing each other for five years. Irene Arzuaga will be present at the festival for an open Q&A session with the audience.

Other extraordinary Ibero-American films include: the passionate story, Soledad directed by Agustina Macri; Sofia, starring Mexican star Christian Carabias; Quién Te Cantará by Carlos Vermut; El Vampiro Del Lago with Miguel Angel Landa; and Un Día Mas Con Vida, winner of the 2018 Goya Award for best animated film. Additionally, the festival will feature short films and documentaries directed by women including the documentary, Vamos. Unraveling Athena directed by Francis Amat, is another documentary that features courageous women behind tennis. Present at the festival will be world champion professional tennis player Arantxa Sánchez Vicario.

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