María (Estefanía de los Santos) and her mother have never come to understand each other, causing the estrangement of mother and daughter for six years. Until Paca, María’s mother, suddenly dies. It provoked the return of María to the village to take charge of the funeral preparations. Among them, she clothed her mother with the shroud she had “supposedly” prepared for the fateful day. Everything changes when she discovers that her mother’s shroud is her flamenco dress. Causing a long comic moment throughout the film.

About the Filmmaker

Frank Ariza , born in Barbate (Cádiz) young scriptwriter and executive producer of the company Gossip Events Productions. He is also a film director, creator, executive director, scriptwriter, creative director…

  • Dreamland (Serie 2014) – Scriptwriter and director
  • Yo Quisiera (Serie 2015 and 2018) – Creator and Producer
  • Perdóname, Señor (2016) – Creator and Producer
  • Cupido (2018) – Director
  • El Continental (2018) – Director
  • Los Nuestros 2 (2019) – Executive Producer
  • Secretos de Estado (2019) – Executive Producer
  • ¡Ay, mi madre! (2109) – Scriptwriter and director