The 8-year-old son of Ignacio and Sara is dead, Sara wants a divorce and goes into a deep depression, soon discovers that she is pregnant again and must rethink the separation of her husband.

The bad news does not stop hitting this couple. In a check-up examination, Ignacio is diagnosed with a brain tumor and with little time to live.

Time becomes a precious gift to leave his life in order and rebuild his relationship with his wife. Sometimes going through the dark will be the only way to find the light.

About the Filmmaker

Soley Bernal is a filmmaker and journalist from Colombia based in Costa Rica. She has worked for 20 years as a producer, director, screenwriter and editor. She has worked for various projects such as news, magazines, documentaries and directed advertisement.

His work in fiction, became relevant with the TV Series La Cualquiera (2012) transmitted and produced in Costa Rica by Teletica Channel 7. Her raw, realistic style makes her work as a director begin to stand out. Awaken is her second feature film, with her firts Project “The happiest place” 2015, was number one in there first weekend with 22.000 assistance.