A group of young schoolmates, decide to spend, after five years without seeing and through a call on Facebook, a weekend in a rural house in the mountains.

On the trip everything is joy and enjoyment, it seems that there will be a few days of madness and fun, in which of course there will be alcohol, debauchery and, why not, some sexual romance if it tends.

After a fun trip, which will not be lacking jokes, laughter and videos from their phones, they arrive at the house, the place is great but some things do not meet expectations, such as the pool, totally unusable.

Nobody receives them, a note at the door will be the only contact with the “owner” of the home.

After locating in the rooms, begin to prepare for the night, which promises, it will be time to catch up and get carried away by alcohol.

However, there is one detail that they will not know yet and that is that someone observes them.

About the Filmmaker

Irene Arzuaga In 2018 he directs the special episode “Cuéntame una historia de amor” for TVE, which commemorated the 17th anniversary of “Cuéntame cómo pasó” and which had as its highlight the farewell of actor Ricardo Gómez, star of the series. In 2017 she is the director and screenwriter of “Inhibidos”, a juvenile thriller broadcast by TVE and starring Jaime Olías, Miguel Bernardeau, Josean Bengoetxea and Alberto Jiménez. In 2015 he joined the direction of the documentary program “Ochéntame otra vez” for TVE, a series in which he currently works. The sixth season will be broadcast in March 2019. During 2013 and 2014 he directed and made for TVE, the third and fourth seasons of the program “Un país para comérselo” with Ana Duato, a total of 24 chapters. Since 2003 and up to the present, she is an advertising director for the production company Albiñana Films, directing campaigns for Spain and Portugal. He has made about 300 spots. In Madrid, she worked for five years (1996-2001) for Mac Guffin, advertising events agency as creative director and directing director. Today he collaborates with this agency as a freelance. In 1995, with a grant from the Ministry of Culture, Luis Soto writes and directs, short film starring Alex Angulo. Participate in the Fantastic Film Festival of San Sebastian and get second place. Later it was exhibited in numerous festivals, including Berlin. Before settling in Spain in 1993, he works for Colombian television directing and presenting different programs: informative, children’s, magazines. Irene Arzuaga holds a degree in Information Sciences from the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana de Bogotá.