Julia, an ex actress, and her daughter Emma settle down in a large house in a village in Córdoba, Argentina. It’s winter and Julia must fix the house to sell it. It has been time since the death of her husband and Emma’s father, but they are still in mourning.
The days pass darkly. Sadness has made Julia quiet, distant with her daughter. One night Julia runs into Gaspar, a lifelong friend and ex theater partner. Gaspar tries to convince Julia to participate in a contest. Julia, Emma and Gaspar find a way to rebuild their lives starting an uncertain project of a new kind of family.


About the Filmmaker

Ines María Barrionuevo born in the city of Córdoba, Argentina 37 years ago, where she grew up and formed her current profession as a director and scriptwriter. She wrote, directed and produced more than 10 film works for TV and cinema. Her first feature film “Atlántida” premiered at the Berlin Film Festival in 2014. “Julia and the Fox” is her second feature film that had the world premiere in “New Directors” Section at San Sebastian Film Festival 2018.