In the quiet and mysterious town of Cusco, the strange death of a shepherd awakens fear to the unknown. Two forensic doctors and a rebel policeman are in charge of the investigation and, in the process, will reveal a powerful and dangerous legend hidden for centuries.

About the Filmmaker

Ricardo Velarde is a film director, screenwriter and film editor. He got a
master’s degree at The London Film School, where he worked in numerous cinematographic productions and graduated as a film director with his suspense short film “Hunted” (Official selection of Amberg Festivals,
Fancine and Strasbourg).

In 2009 he makes a postgraduate specialized in editing in London where he had the opportunity to have as a mentor to the editor and editing consultant Jaime Estrada – Torres, who has been working Stanley Kubrick’s films, Werner Herzog, Mike Figgis, among others, and with whom he later would meet again to work in the edition of La Luz en el cerro. In 2011, Ricardo returns to Peru and founds the Caudal Films company, and in the 2015 receives the post-production award of Dafo– Ministry of Culture of Peru wich serves aas a team for completing, in 2016, his debut film La Luz en el cerro.