Ornament & Crime is a thriller about extortion, architecture and corruption.
Based on Noir aesthetics, tells the story of a second hand private detective that, while trying to find a way out of the city, continues his extortion schemes with the help of his partner. However, in a society dominated by the construction mafia, the stakes are far from reach.
Councilmen, contractors, policeman and femmes fatales will hardly be beaten at this gambling table.

About the Filmmaker

Rodrigo Areias started his professional life as a musician and music editor at the publishing house Garagem, in Cinema, was sound director of directors such as Paulo Rocha or Edgar Pêra. He graduated in Sound and Image in the School of Arts with specialization in image. He also made a director specialization in the Tisch School of Arts at the University of New York and the Eurodoc production program. Over its career, he developed creative film works in fiction and documentary, alternating with other works such as video-art and video clips. As producer, he start his career in 2001 and since then, he produced and co-produced more than 100 short, feature, videos and documentaries. He produced renowned authors such as Edgar Pêra, João Canijo and F.J. Ossang, as well as young directors such as André Gil Mata, João Rodrigues and Jorge Quintela and through his new animation studio has produced several multi award-winning shortfilms. Rodrigo has been co-producing with Brazil, United Kingdom, France, Germany and Finland. As director, between several films, stands out Estrada de Palha (international class A award) and Corrente with which he has been represented in more than fifty international festivals and has been awarded with multiple awards. Rodrigo Areias was delegate for the film production of Guimarães 2012 European Capital of Culture which included directors such as Jean-Luc Godard, Aki Kaurismaki, Peter Greenaway, Manoel de Oliveira, Victor Erice, among many others.