FOREVER CHAPE tells the story of the soccer team of Santa Catarina, Brazil. This small club had achieved the incredible feat of ascending from the fourth division of brazilian football to the first division of the country that has more passion for football on the planet. On November 28, while the team was flying to Colombia to play the final of the South American soccer tournament, its plane crashed within minutes of reaching the destination. The tragedy that took the lives of 71 people mourned the entire world. The history of this club didn´t stop and in honor of the victims and the survivors of the tragedy, the club today looks reborn.

About the Filmmakers

Luis Ara Luis Ara is one of the most prominent film directors and executive producers in Latin America. In the last 8 years he has directed 9 documentaries that have been released in cinemas around the world and on Netflix, HBO, FOX, ESPN, DTV, among others.
His particular sensitivity, critical eye, and ability to tell stories has been recognized by the press and the industry around the world.