SOFÍA, a selfless and enterprising woman who has sacrificed her life to provide and take care of her three nephews feels that everything has been in vain and, at the age 35, decides to take charge of her life. After the death of her father, Sofía receives the terrible news that her brother wants to sell the house where she lives with her nephews. In the struggle to keep the house, Sofía learns that her older nephew is in jail for theft, her adolescent niece is pregnant and that the mother of her third
niece, whom Sofía raised from birth as her own child, wants custody of the daughter. Amid the disappointments, her brother blames Sofía for his children’s mistakes as Sofía realizes that her lover of many years, with whom she hoped to have a future, has always lied to her. Hopeless, Sofía finds comfort in a foreign man who looks at her with admiration.

About the Filmmaker

Famor Botero ss a colombian filmmaker graduated form Full Sail University. Throughtout his carreer has produced, directed and wrote various movies and documentaries which it has earned him the recognition of some personalities from Hollywood like: Robin Cowie and Gerald Di Pego. Reciently Botero has joined forces with Olympusat team as a Director & Producer and he is working on the pre-productiosn stage of his third movie.