Four long-time friends, Francisco, Joana, Simão and Vasco, are spending a hot summer weekend in Francisco’s stylish modern villa, in the South of Portugal’s dry countryside. Their hedonistic sunbathing and laziness is interrupted by a phone call from David, an old common lover that has left his mark in each one’s life: 10 years after, he is showing up. Suddenly, the quietness ends and tension starts to emerge fueled up by secrets, hidden truths and questions that have remained unanswered through the years.All they have to do is to wait. But as the tension crescendo takes over, the question in everyone’s mind is: what will happen when this unattended person finally arrives?

About the Filmmaker

Vicente Alves do Ó was born in Sines, Portugal. With a diverse writing background in theatre, TV and cinema, he became known for his market successful biopics of some of Portugal’s most outcast poets. After his three first features, Al Berto (2017) took him in a new direction inside the LGBT scenery.