Bridges Unite joins Indie Pasión Film Festival to bring awareness to the women that represent us in the Ibero-American Film industry, with the goal of having a conversation about the challenges and virtues of being a woman in film, and to inspire those that are looking to tell their stories on-screen.

From the conception of the screenplay to the casting and final piece, we still live in a world where women are underrepresented. The vitality, intuition, and sensitivity of women generates an unmatched power in storytelling. And even though that power can also be translated to economic advantages, it continues to be systematically ignored. On Saturday, April 6th, you will hear the voices that inspire and help us foster positive change.

Our panelists:

  • Ines Barrionuevo, Director, “Julieta y el Zorro”
  • Irene Arzuag, Director, “Inhibidos”
  • Michelle Salcedo, Director, “Cinnamon Skin”
  • Maria Bestar, Screenwriter
  • Lana Montalvan, Journalist
  • Maria Salas, Film Critic

Our Moderator:

Maria Victoria van Eerdewijk, Journalist, Producer and Radio Host