The movie is based on the autobiographical novel of the same name by Cuban writer Wendy Guerra, which
has been translated into five languages. Nieve, an eight year old Cuban girl, is involved in the
struggle of her parents to get her custody. Eva is her mother, an artist who believes in the revolution
without censorship or authoritarianism. She remarried to Dan, a Swede who works in the construction of
a nuclear plant. Manuel is her father, a playwright who sacrifices himself to writing pamphleteer plays
in a remote area of the country. This story is a celebration of freedom and a confrontation to
authority that takes place in the ’80s, in the midst of one of the worst economic crisis in Cuba.

About the Filmmaker

Sergio Cabrera Cárdenas reconocido director de cine, guionista y productor colombiano es egresado del London Film
School, ha dirigido seis largometrajes, doce cortometrajes varios documentales y series para televisión, al igual que
algunas telenovelas. Ha sido director de fotografía, productor, editor, actor y coguionista.