The extraordinary journey of an ordinary girl who became a Heroine. There is only one story, this is hers. Unraveling Athena is a feature documentary that chronicles the journey that Women Tennis Champions pass through – from small child with a large racket, to ranked player, and ultimately to WTA number one in the world, and beyond – her Journey after reaching the pinnacle. The film explores the ingredients, the common themes and qualities, that account for the remarkable achievements of these women, from different generations, nationalities and personalities. Our film uses Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey, a powerful narrative arc followed by many films, as a structural spine, interweaving the lives of these champions to create a single, unified narrative of modern day contemporary heroines. Unraveling Athena will also introduce us to the journey of the brain, a topic never discussed in sports films. Unraveling Athena is the story of a journey, not only in professional tennis, but a journey of life that can inspire us on many levels.

About the Filmmaker

Francis Amat An accomplished musician, music producer, score-writer, and songwriter, Francis Amat has 30 years of experience in arts and entertainment. His professional career began at 17, with his band Pato de Goma (Warner Bros. signing). In the ensuing years, his career flourished through collaborations with many of Spain’s most recognized talents. For over 19 years, he wrote and produced the scores of countless television shows, including Hospital Central—awarded the prestigious international Award Premio Ondas in Spain. His score for Canal Cocina (Cooking Channel) won the Bronze Medal for Original Score at the New York Festival(1998). Musical scores for documentaries such as De Campo y Sin Merienda ,Fauna Callejera, Vietnam: Vida Tras La Muerte—Finalist at the New York Film Festival as Best Documentary. He wrote the score for the full- length feature film 25 Kilates (25 Carats) winner of the Silver Medal for Best at Film Festival of Malaga, SP(2009) and the original score for the short MUS. What began with music production has transitioned into filmmaking. In 2013 Francis had relocated to Miami.