A writer of celebrity articles returns to his tiny hometown in the extreme south of the world, after 45 years of having fled from there to save his life. In that place in Chilean Patagonia, where century-old trees rise above abandoned tombs and the sea drunk with rain conceals the roots of men, the writer will try to develop “salable” stories from that end-of-the-world zone. But when doing it surrounded by his old friends, he will face his past and leave his imposture. For the first time in his life he will be able to create a great novel in which all will become characters and himself … in a real artist.

About the Filmmaker

Silvio Caiozzi is Chilean film maker and cinematographer. He’s know for various films like

  • A la sombra del sol (1974)
  • Julio comienza en julio (1979)
  • La luna en el espejo (1990)
  • Fernando ha vuelto (1998)
  • Coronación (2000)
  • Cachimba (2004)
  • Y de pronto el amanecer (2017)